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  Baoji Orienti Metal Materials Co., Ltd is located in Gaoya Industrial Park, Baoti Road, High-tech Zone, Baoji City,Shaanxi province which is ^Titanium Valley of China ̄. Orienti Metal consists of workshops and business center which are specialized in production, sales and R&D of tubes, bars, sheets, wires and all kinds of chemical corrosion equipment made of titanium, zirconium, nickel, and other rare and precious metals. Our products are widely used in many essential industries, such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, medical, alkali manufacturing, electroplating, papermaking, aerospace and power industries and so´´‐more/


 Address:BaoTi road middle, High-tech

     development zone, Baoji,

     Shaanxi, China
 Post code:721300
 Tel:0917-3156633 0917-3153300
 Fax:0917-3153311 0917-3152828
 E-mail:[email protected]

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